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July 31, 2013
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REMINDER: I DON'T OWN DREAMTALIA OR SHADOW!ITALY!! You sillies should know that by now~ Anyway, enjoy!

It was a normal night in your small hometown of ((name of hometown)). You were sitting at home, which was a small apartment with one bedroom, a bathroom and a living room that was connected to the kitchen. Comfy on your couch, you turned the TV off and snuggled into your blanket more as you closed your eyes and soon fell asleep.

You opened your eyes to see you were sitting under a tree. It was sunny and warm, looking down you saw small flowers of various colors surrounding you as they growing in the green grass. You smiled, slowly standing up as you began to walk out into the field ahead of you. You look up, rays of sunlight hitting your face softly.
“This feels so real…” you said as you smiled softly.
“But it is real.” A voice said.
You turned around to see no one there. “But there was a voice.” you said, turning back around. As you did, you see a figure in front of you. You kind of recognized the man as a character from your favorite anime, Hetalia. But…he looked different. The figure looked like Italy, the main character, but…he was covered in almost a dark presence in a way.
“What do you mean it’s real?” you asked.
“This is real.” he repeated, sounding a lot like Italy.
You shook your head. “No, I’m dreaming.” you said.
As if looking upset, he took a step towards you which in response you took a step back.
“No, it’s not a dream. It doesn’t have to be.” he said, stepping forward again.
“What do you mean? All dreams come to an end. I have to wake up eventually.” you told him.
“This one doesn’t bella.” he said, purring the last word. It sent a shiver down your spine, causing you to back up more.
“Please stay away.” you said, trying to speak in a firm voice.
Still, he kept walking forward and you backwards.
“Bella~ Stay with me~ Stay here in reality.” he said over and over again.
You shook your head. “What’s going on? Why…why is he so persistent?” you thought as you turned and began to walk away at a face pace.
You hear no footsteps behind you as walked, thinking he gave up and you stopped. You gave a sigh as you look to see him right behind you.
“Why are you leaving?” he asked, his face a bit hurt.
“H-How did you get there?!” you asked him.
“Oh silly~ I can be anywhere! Here or…” he said but vanished. You blinked before something poked your cheek. Your head spun around and he was standing in front of you.
“…or here!” he smiled. His smile seemed to radiate innocence yet wickedness.
You stayed silent as you tried to back away again. “Stay away…” you mumbled.
He really seemed hurt by this and began to walk to you again. “Stay here, stay with me!” he said, reaching out and grabbing your arm. You gasped and jerked your arm away before taking off in a sprint. This time around, you heard footsteps following you and you ran faster.
“I need to wake up! I need to wake up!” you panted and looked around. Then you remembered the tree where you woke up at. You began to run that way, the footsteps getting closer and closer to you. You panted and huffed but got to the tree and began to climb it. He seemed to stop at the base of the tree.
“Get down! That’s dangerous!” he called but you still kept climbing. You climbed to the top of the tree, looking down at everything. The luscious field, the bright blue sky… was all so nice. So real…yet it was all an illusion. You sighed as you knew what to do. You turned around and saw that he was there on the branch as well.
“Step away from there. Come back to me.” he said, holding a hand out.
Though your instincts told you no, some little part inside you wanted to stay. But you still felt a need to stay away from him. Again, you shook your head.
“I…I’m sorry.” you said before shifting your balance backwards.
His eyes widen as he lunged forward to grab you but it was too late.
You fell off the branch backwards, screaming at the top of your lungs. And he yelled as well. But what he yelled surprised you more than anything.
He yelled your name just before you hit the floor.

You jolted up from your slumber, panting and looking around. You were back on your couch, it was early dawn. You sighed in relief as you got off the couch.
“Ouch…my back hurts….” you whine slightly as you walk off to the bathroom. You gave a yawn as you rubbed your eyes and thought about your crazy dream.
“What a weird and scary dream…” you mumbled to yourself as you entered the bathroom, turning the light on. You looked in the mirror at yourself, looking almost a bit pale.
“That dream must have really scared me.” you said, turning the faucet on and splashing some water on your face. When you looked up back at the mirror, you nearly screamed.
You saw the man from your dreams looking back at you, a sad and tear stricken expression on his face.  
“Bella? Why did you leave?” he asked in a sad tone?
Deamtalia rights go to :iconpianodream: :iconkyokyo866:
Same with Dreamtalia rights!

I wanted to see if I could write this so I hope you like!
Maybe part 2 if I think goes well.
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