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October 22, 2013


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Shadow!Italy Part 2

You saw the man from your dreams looking back at you, a sad and tear stricken expression on his face.  
“Bella? Why did you leave?” he asked in a sad tone?

You started at the figure from your dream, which you thought you escaped.
“Am I still dreaming?” you asked.
“No, you are awake.” he said. Somehow you believed he was right and you only stare back into the mirror.
“So…you are real?” you ask, brushing some of your hair out of your way.
He seem to give a smile as if happy you asked that. “I am real! Though I can only touch you in your dreams and talk to you through reflections.”
You nodded. “I see then…..” you mumbled.
The figure nodded and gave another one of his creepy smiles, making you shiver a bit. You look down then back up before yawning.
“Are you tired bella?! Maybe you should sleep!” he said with a hopeful smile.
“Of course you want me to sleep so you can see me again.” you thought as you rubbed your eyes. Yes, you were tired and it was still early in the morning. But you were afraid to go to sleep, afraid to see him again.
“I’m not tired….” you said as you rubbed your eyes once more.
“I can see you are, come on!” he said with a little whine.
Again, you shook your head. “No no, I’m alright.” you said before leaving the bathroom. He kept yelling and begging for you to go to back to sleep. You shut the door and headed to your room, sitting on your bed and rubbed your eyes again.
“I am tired but…..I don’t want to see him again.” You mumbled, falling back onto your bed. Your eyes got heavier and heavier but you refused to give in. But your body felt heavy as your eyes starting shutting and you once again were pulled back into the dream world.

Just like before, you were surrounded by a field of flowers. You sat up, looking a bit confused before remembering. Your eyes widened as you quickly stood up and looked around. You began to pant as your mind raced. This time, there wasn’t a tree around for you to climb and jump off of. Holding your hands close to your chest, you begin to walk. The wind is gentle as it plays with your hair and caresses your skin. Looking down at yourself, you were still in your favorite pajamas. You sighed as you kept walking, the field going on forever and ever.
“Will this field ever end?!” you groan in frustration. As if someone heard you, the field soon ends and you are at a small cottage. You blink in confusion and wonder as you begin to walk to the cottage. Peeking in through the windows, you find that it’s empty. Going to the front door, you gently push it and it swings open. Glancing around once more, you entered the cottage.
“Hello?” you called. Nothing, not even a sound was made. The whole cottage was one room, a bed on the left side near one of the windows. There was a little stove and a table with two chairs. You went over to the bed and sat on it slowly.
“It feels nice to finally sit down after all that walking.” You said with a sigh.
“Mio bella! You made it!” an all too familiar voice said.
You gasped and glanced up to see him again, sitting in a chair at the table. He was leaning over the back of the chair as he sat in it backwards.
“Y-You again?!” you gasped as you moved back onto the bed and leaned up against the wall.
“Me again!” he smiled his innocent yet wicked smile.
“I don’t understand! Why do you keep following me?!” you ask in a frustrated tone.
He didn’t answer; instead he got up and began to walk towards you. You shrink back further and further as he got closer and closer. Soon you couldn’t move back any farther. Beginning to shake out of fear, you curl up more and more.
“Get away from me!” you shout, hiding yourself by shielding yourself with your arms.
You feel the bed creak as he got on it and when you peeked out, he was sitting in front of you. He began reach out with his human hand, causing you shut your eyes shut in fear.
“Don’t hurt me please!” you screamed. His hand touches your cheek ever so gently, caressing it softly.
“Mio bella…..I would never hurt you.” He whispered in a soft and kind voice.
You open your eyes and put your hands down onto your lap. You stared at him in shock, glancing at his hand.
“Why…I don’t understand…” you whispered quietly.
“I’m here to erase your pain. I’ve been watching you for quite some time _____, struggling and living a hard life. But I’m here to take that all away. I can make you happy; I can take it all away. But I need your permission to, _____. I need you to say yes.”
I stared at him for a while, processing what he told me. He has been watching me, watching me all this time. And now he wants to talk to me, to get me to trust him. Instincts tell me no but somewhere deep down inside me….I want to say yes. I want to be free of the pain of this world.
I opened my mouth to answer him but suddenly a ringing sound rang throughout the air. I looked up and around the cabin.
“What’s going on?!” I asked as I covered my ears.
“Bella! Quick, give me an answer!” he said as he grabbed my hand.
“What’s happening?! Please tell me!” I asked again as I looked at our hands. I noticed then that I was fading away.
“You are waking up! Bella please!” he begged, looking into my eyes with his bright glowing blue ones.
Before I could answered, I felt myself getting lifted away from him.
“…..I….I….yes!” I yelled as I disappeared from him.
Here's the next part since I've gotten a lot of comments for the first part! Thanks for all those and hope you like this one!
Shadow!Italy belongs to :iconpianodream: and :iconkyokyo866: Same with Deamtalia rights as well!
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